Jake & Sydney

Jake & Sydney
Married almost 10 years - Jake is a baker and Sydney is a newborn photographer.

Beckham {8}

Beckham {8}

Holden {6}

Holden {6}

Piper {3}

Piper {3}

Palmer {8.25.14}

Palmer {8.25.14}


Missing KiKi

I really, really, really miss my kitty. Her name was first Sunshine. But then we decided that since she was black, she should have a different name. When Becks
Says "kitty" it comes out sounding like "kiki", so that's what we named her: KiKi. She was only for 3 days or so, before the husband put her outside, never to be seen or heard from again.
I must admit, al though I knew I wasn't supposed to become attached to her, I couldn't help myself. The cute little purring noises…. Her cuddliness!
Jake brought her home from work one day, after having found her wandering around the mall he works at. We (according to the rental lease) can't have pets anyways,
but I wanted to take her in under my motherly wing and at least feed her and then I would put her outside. We ended up purchasing a litter box, a cat toy, some food (even the expensive wet kind!)
and let her sleep at our feet in the bed. She was the sweetest cat EVER! I miss her so much. Although I only knew her for a few days, she's definitely never going to be forgotten.

Salt and Pepper

So I rolled over this morning, hearing Beckham playing with something in the general vicinity of the counter top. I kind of ignored it… well, bad mistake, because when I was fully awake and ready to be up and at 'em, I discovered nothing short of a teaspoon of pepper (sporadically dashed with salt, as well) in my hair. It was in my eyes, my mouth, my nostrils. Do you know how bad pepper burns when it gets in your nose?! I do now, thanks to the curiosity of my 19 month old son, Beckham. We used to have the toy box at the base of the center island that is in our kitchen. We don't anymore of course, because waking up to peppered facial features and the burning of pepper in my throat that reminds me of my childhood (different story, different day) made me decide once and for all that the toy box was no longer going to be situated near the countertop. He learned from our kitty, KiKi how to climb up there.

Below is just one picture of how close to a monkey my son really is….


The pneumonia ordeal.

Beckham was burning up throughout the night,so badly, I stripped him down to his diaper. His skin was so hot that it was burning mine!Neither of us slept very well, needless to say, as he was waking up alllll throughout the night.I was kind of thinking, that maybe it was related to his fall yesterday, but I don't know how something like that could cause a fever...This morning, we took his temp, several times, switching between ears.(The ear thermometer is the only one I have.)It was 100.8.We gave him Tylenol, and I've been giving it to him every 4 hours.His temp hasn't dropped below 100 and now, it's sky-rocketed to102.2!I know there is a certain temp that you're supposed to actually *start* being concerned, and possibly make a doctor/hospital/KidsCare trip....What is it? When should I decide to take him in. Insurance isn't a problem for us, so I would much rather be safe than sorry....
We took a rectal temp, it was 103.8.He was acting soooo lethargic and totally not himself.We decided the best thing to do would be to take him to the ER.They did a rectal temp there and it read 104.9!!!They did the run over for signs of an infection: listening to his lungs/heart,checked his ears/eyes/throat. Nothing. Said that since there weren't any obvious signs of an infection, they were going to draw some blood, get an x-ray, and get a urine sample to track down what was making his fever so high.First was the x-ray: They used a VERY uncomfortable (yet, oh so cute) looking plastic thing that held Beckham's arms above his head, while he was sitting on a little seat, like a bicycle.He was screaming the whole time. It was so hard for me to watch.Attempted AND failed a catheter, not once, but twice! Poor little baby was a screaming mess, and according to DH I was pale and looked like I was going to faint!(It doesn't make me sick, I just get light-headed and woozy when I see things that hurt. )I felt bad for the nurse, she wasn't doing anything wrong, but for some reason, it just wouldn't go in.Beckham was in so much pain, and this I know not only by the look on his face, but because of personal experience with the painful plastic tube commonly known as the "catheter".Finally, they drew blood, he was already crying, nearly uncontrollably, so that didn't seem like such a biggie... although, judging by the mark left behind, and once again, personal experience, I would say otherwise. So... the final verdict finally came in:Beckham has pneumonia in his left lung.I had no idea people could have it and not have a cough and/or wheezing lungs accompany it! DH says we are so lucky we got Beckham in tonight, instead of waiting until this weekend, or not taking him in at all.They sent him home on a dose of Motrin and a prescription for an antibiotic.

You know you're too thin when...

...you can fit into your 14 month old son's pajama top:

lol. Pathetic, I know, but it was so funny, I had to share!



Well... after a few emotional break downs and some un-normal fighting... we thought maybe it was time to pee on a stick (for those of you that don't know the whole pregnancy lingo... that means take a pregnancy test...) The result:
Guess this means it's not the time for us. It's an extreme rarity that we even were able to make it a possibillity... seeing all the awful after-math that the delivery of Beckham caused... Destruction. Complete and utter destruction.
All well. Our next choice, if after a year we can't get pregnant on our own is IUI. We'll see how that goes, heck, we don't even know if our insurance will cover it. If that fails, then we're gonna pull an Angelina Jolie and try to adopt a baby/kid from Kenya or something....


Beckham's First Hair "Cut"

Beckham had his first hair cut this past Sunday. Not so much a hair "cut" but more like a hair "buzz". My dad (first time grandpa, soooo cute!) pulled out his clippers and we took B outside onto the deck and Grandpa trimmed it all up! It was awesome! I put all the hair that came off into a little Ziploc baggy. Kinda funny side note: The clippers that G-pa used on Beckhams hair are evidently the clippers the G-pa uses on his facial hair... which is dark, Beckham's hair is blond, so all cutely tucked in with all the hair that belongs to Beckham, are little pieces of whiskers, from G-pa! I think it's kinda cute though, because now it will be (and already is) the most cute, little, funny story to tell. :-) (Will post pictures at a later date.)


The Death Of The Stroller

We looked at strollers today. I am trying to convince Jake (the hubby) that we need a new one. He of course doesn't see that we really do need one. Ours is dying. Yes. Slowly but surely, dying. The basket in our stroller is waaaaay to small to be functional. The cup-holders don't "hold" the cups, and because of that, the hood/seat of the stroller are Coke-stained. Yeah. No biggie, I sure don't agree! Also, the wheels on the stroller we own (Kolcraft carried by Shopko... I do believe.) are so squeaky, that everybody stares at us! No matter where we're at. Whether it be in the mall, at the store, at the Indoor Soccer Center... everywhere we go, everybody else knows where we go! (Or where we're going, rather.) I hate it. It's embarrassing. So that is the reasoning behind wanting (NEEDING) a new stroller. I am of course trying to think ahead, you know, into the future, where I know we'll have another child... down the road. That's why I was thinking of purchasing a new Graco Travel System. Although we don't need the car seat part of it now, we will eventually need it, hopefully no more than 1 year down the road. Yeah, that's a long ways down the road, you may think... yes, yes it is. BUT I really need the stroller now. Beckham is at the age where he cannot, absolutely cannot be allowed to roam around the mall (and other locales) on foot. He has to be strapped in his stroller, otherwise, he gets away from me. He's so damn quick, people have no idea! I would never survive if it weren't for a stroller! I am already feeling like I am in high school again, the amount of running I have to do! I know we're going to find a stroller that's right for us.
Any stroller will do. (Although preference wise, I would love, love, love a Graco.)
It's just that the one we currently own sucks. It's totally not cutting it.



This is such a cool word. I never knew what it meant until
I looked it up at www.dictionary.com.
On my mommy boards, there is a place in the profiles
that you can change your mood... I've picked "quixotic"
before (even though I didn't know what
it meant) because it's always seemed like
such an awesome word. Come on, you know you think
it is! Quixotic. Just the Q makes it awesome!
What does it mean, I am sure you are wondering...
well... the definiton of "quixotic" (an adjective) according to this website is:

1. (sometimes initial capital letter) resembling or befitting Don Quixote.
2. extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical, or impracticable.
3. impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.

So... yeah. That's "QUIXOTIC".


He looks too young to be walking...

So.. I am not really one for "blogging". I am sure it will end up just like my journal did: lost and forgotten. But that's okay, because I am definitely one to give new things a try.
Even if it means just once. :)
So I guess that my subject of today's' "blog" (I am not really used to this word yet, hence the quotes.) is going to be the fact that everybody we ("we" as in my husband & I & Beckham, or occasionally, just Beckham and I ) run into and actually talk to, or get talked to by, says to us: "How old is he?" 'He's one.' we respond with. "Oh my gosh, really?! He looks way to young to be walking!" or "Oh wow! Only one, huh? He's walking already?" I don't understand why people feel this way though... is it not often that one-year-olds walk? Does my son just not look like he is one? Does he look like what, a seven month old? The most bugsome thing that people say, is: "He's too young to be walking." Well duh, lady. Obviously he ISN'T too young be walking. Do you really think that by you saying that, it makes me feel good? Meh. Whatever. Think what you want. He's been walking since he was 10 months old. Even as his mom, THAT felt too young for him to be walking. But ONE?!

He walks. He's one. Oh my gosh. It's a miracle. :p