Jake & Sydney

Jake & Sydney
Married almost 10 years - Jake is a baker and Sydney is a newborn photographer.

Beckham {8}

Beckham {8}

Holden {6}

Holden {6}

Piper {3}

Piper {3}

Palmer {8.25.14}

Palmer {8.25.14}


Holden's First Professional Pictures!

We took Holden to my old work (Kiddie Kandids) to get his very first professional pictures taken! He is 5 weeks old. We did Beckham's @ Kiddie Kandids too, when he was 6 weeks. We'll go back next week to do some Christmas pics of the two of them, but for now, here are Holden's 5 week pictures! They turned out adorable!


He smiles!

At 4 weeks old, Holden has been smiling off and on when I put my face right next to his...
Last night, I finally caught it on camera:


The Boys' Halloween...

So, this year was fun, we went to quite a few houses,
Beckham loved the whole concept of
knocking on the door/ringing the doorbell and getting candy!
He was so polite, saying "Candy please!" and
"Thank you so, so much!" at each and every house.
It was cute! He was a cowboy this year, and Holden was a play-doh guy....
those ones where you twist the seat and their hair grows.
(I will have to post a link just in case people don't know what I'm talking about.)
Anyways, here's a few pics.

I wish we had a better one of the two of them, but we don't. :(

Holden, our hair-growin' play-doh man:

Beckham, the rootin', tootin' cowboy:

The only shot we got of the two of them.
(I guess I should always check the camera
when it's Jake taking the pics!)

Our first house:

And some bonus (aka: not Halloween themed) shots
because Holden will be 3 weeks old tomorrow!

He's getting such strong neck muscles!

Snoozing on the office chair:

Visiting Dad's work:

His "I'm annoyed with being on my tummy" face:

Hanging out on the couch before his bath:

My new absolute favorite picture of the little munchkin:

Watch for another post with some hilarious
pics of Beckham! I feel pretty bad, because it seems
like I never take pictures of him anymore! :(
Bad mom award my way...