Jake & Sydney

Jake & Sydney
Married almost 10 years - Jake is a baker and Sydney is a newborn photographer.

Beckham {8}

Beckham {8}

Holden {6}

Holden {6}

Piper {3}

Piper {3}

Palmer {8.25.14}

Palmer {8.25.14}


♥ 4 years of wedded bliss!


Wow. I can hardly believe that Jake and I have been married for FOUR years! 4!!!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't think we'd make it or anything like that.
It's just that it doesn't feel like 4 years... ya know?
The whole statement of

"It feels like it was just yesterday..."

rings true. It does feel like yesterday.
We've been through alot in the past 4 years of our life. Let's see:

126,230,400 - seconds we've been married
2,103,840 - minutes we've been married
35,064 - hours we've been married
2 - number of beautiful children we have
2 - number of states we've lived in (Utah & Nebraska)
9 - number of times we've moved
13,591 - number of pictures we've taken with our camera(s)
188 - number of trips to Orem to visit with my family
3 - cars that we've owned
5 - pets that we've owned
4 - Christmas's we've celebrated together
4 - New Years' that we've celebrated together
4 - Thanksgiving's we've celebrated together
5 - cell phones we've had (between the two of us)
2 - surgeries we've helped each other through (Jake's ACL Reconstruction & my cesarean)
3 - number of times I've seen Jake cry
831 - number of times Jake has seen me cry
9,213 - number of times Beckham has cried
1 - number of a strong, everlasting, never-breakable marital bond

I love you Jake, Happy Fourth Anniversary! May we have MANY, MANY more to come!

♥ Sydney


Baby Einstein

I love Baby Einstein! If it weren't for the single
Baby Van Gogh tape that I have downstairs,
I would have never gotten laundry done last night!
It was Holden's first time watching it, he was crying,
wouldn't eat, wouldn't fall asleep, so finally I decided to put it
into the VCR, and laid him down on the end of the bed,
hoping he'd see it and maybe be enthralled with it,
even if just for a few minutes! Sure enough, he stopped crying...
and started kicking his feet and moving his arms and making little noises.
I loved the few minutes of time I got.

(Even if it was to get some much-needed laundry folding accomplished!)


The scoop on us

We've been busy! (Well, Jake has!) He just got a new job. He now works graveyards at the Larry H. Miller Megaplex 20. It's been tough on him, he had 2 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday. I know it's worth it, and he is always reminding me why he's working both jobs: "So you guys can have a good Christmas." or "So we can have more food in the fridge." It breaks my heart. I sometimes feel guilty that he's working so much and I do nothing but sit at home and play with the kids. I know that's how it's meant to be, it's just difficult. I am very proud of him for getting the second job, and it's tough, cause we rarely see/talk to one another. We are making it work though. :D He's my rock and I am so proud of him!

The kids are doing great!

Beckham is 34 months (on the 5th of December) now and he's such a wild child! He's an absolute busy body. Always into things, ruining things and always going, going, going! 100 miles an hour! There is so much he can do. So much he knows. It's insane how smart he is. He amazes me each and every day. I can't wait to see the look on Beckham's face when he opens his gifts on Christmas morning! He's at such a fun age this year. :)

Holden is 7 weeks as of yesterday! He's smiling allllll the time. He coos every now and then too! It's precious. We're trying to wean him from breast feeding, my Dr. said he's a baby that would be better off on formula, both for him, and for me, because he is making my body barely able to hold on to it's weight. It's tough. We just got formula added to our WIC checks, thankfully! I don't know what I would do without it. Yesterday, for 2 cans of Similac, it was just over $30.00!!!

I'm doing fantastic! I am just trying to work on getting my business running more smooth. I haven't had the chance to sit down and re-vamp my blog or get all my posts and pages in order, but hopefully I will soon! I am going to do a family photo shoot tomorrow and I am VERY excited! It was my Brother-In-Law, Mat that was going to take them, but he couldn't make it, so he asked me to take them for him! I was completely taken aback, so honored, and so completely stoked! I can't wait! We're doing the photos at The Mayan, a jungle-themed restaraunt, before it's opened up for the day. Jake and I are planning on purchasing a Nikon D90 with our tax refund, so this photo shoot will really help me get my foot in the door!


Caught an adorable smile on camera...


I just had to share.
I was snapping away, and caught this one, by total accident!
I love my little man. He's getting so stinkin' big.