Jake & Sydney

Jake & Sydney
Married almost 10 years - Jake is a baker and Sydney is a newborn photographer.

Beckham {8}

Beckham {8}

Holden {6}

Holden {6}

Piper {3}

Piper {3}

Palmer {8.25.14}

Palmer {8.25.14}


The Lemon Wedge

We ate the yummiest herb-crusted chicken and steamed cauliflower
(the way my daddy makes it, with butter and breadcrumbs, it was yummy)
for dinner a few nights ago, and we had lemon for the cauliflower.
I asked Becks if he wanted a taste, usually he says no to lemons...
this time
however, he said yes:

14 days until our Cesarean day!

Oh boy. We have a mere 14 days until we're going to be the parents of not one, but TWO boys! I'll be the mom of a 2 1/2 year old and a brand-new baby! Eeeeek!

Yep, 14 days is also:
  • 1,209,600 seconds
  • 20,160 minutes
  • 336 hours
  • 2 weeks
remaining as a family of three. I'm scared...


Jake got a new job!

Oh my goodness! I can't even believe that I forgot to share that Jake got a new job! He got hired on at the Boys & Girls Club for Heartland Elementary School! I am so stoked! So is he. So far, he likes it alot. I will post more later, but I have to get back to the kiddo. :)


Six Signs that Labor is Within a Few Weeks or Days:

I'm pretty sure I've been nesting the past few days, and I just feel "off". Sick kinda, lacking motivation to get out of bed, no appetite, can't sleep. Contractions on and off, they kept me up a few nights ago. So... I decided I needed to look up some signs that show labor is on the way. Here is what I found at the American Pregnancy Association Website:

1. Lightening:
You can breathe again! This is an indication that the baby has dropped, settling deeper into your pelvis and relieving some of the pressure on your diaphragm, so you are not so short of breath. You may feel increased pressure on your bladder, which means more trips to the bathroom. Others may comment on your changed appearance, although you might not be aware of it at all.

2. Bloody show:
Loss of mucus plug. During pregnancy, a thick plug of mucus protects your cervical opening from bacteria entering the uterus. When your cervix begins to thin and relax, this plug is expelled. Some women think the plug will look solid like a cork, but it is actually stringy mucus or discharge. It can be clear, pink or blood tinged and can appear minutes, hours or even days before labor begins. Not all women notice this sign.

3. Rupture of membranes:
Your water breaks! Only 1 in 10 woman experience a dramatic gush of the amniotic fluid and even then it usually happens at home, often in bed. Sometimes the amniotic sac breaks or leaks before labor begins. Your uterus is sitting directly on top of your bladder, which can cause you to leak urine. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to distinguish urine from amniotic fluid.

If your membranes have ruptured and you are leaking amniotic fluid, it will be an odorless fluid. This can occur with a sudden gush or a constant trickle. If you notice fluid leaking, you need to try to determine if it smells like urine or if it is odorless. If it does not seem to be urine, you would want to contact your health care provider.

Until you see your physician or midwife do not use tampons, have sexual intercourse or do anything that would introduce bacteria to your vagina. Let your health care provider know if the fluid is anything other than clear and odorless, particularly if it's green or foul smelling, because this could be a sign of infection.

4. Nesting:
Spurt of energy. For most of your pregnancy you have probably been fighting the urge to take a nap, so you'll know when you experience this. One day you will wake up feeling full of energy! You'll start making a long list of things to do, things to clean, things to buy and everything you've put off doing will become a high priority. In all your preparations, don't forget that “Labor Day” may be just around the corner so save some energy.

5. Effacement:
Thinning of the cervix. Usually in the last month the cervix begins to stretch and thin. This process means the lower segment of the uterus is getting ready for delivery. A thin cervix will also allow the cervix to dilate more easily.

Your health care provider may check for effacement in the final 2 months of pregnancy. Effacement is measured in percentages. You may hear your helath care provider say,“You are 25% effaced, 50% effaced, 75%...” The Braxton Hicks contractions or “practice contractions” you have been experiencing may play a part in the effacement process. You will not be able to determine your effacement process, this can only be done by a health care provider's exam.

6. Dilation:
Opening of the cervix. Dilation is the process of the cervix opening in preparation for childbirth. Dilation is measured in centimeters or, less accurately, in “fingers” during an internal (manual) pelvic exam. “Fully dilated” means you're at 10 centimeters and are ready to give birth. In the same way that your health care provider may be checking for effacement in the last 2 months, your health care provider may also tell you how many centimeters your cervix has dilated.


12 cents for 4 bags of cereal and 5 two liters of pop?!

Check out this receipt, we got 4 bags of Malt O Meal cereal and FIVE 2 liters of pop.

We'd heard that the Malt O Meal bagged cereal @ Albertson's was going on sale for $1.00/bag.
You buy them 4 for $9.00 and then $5.00 gets automatically taken off at the checkout stand.

Well, the cashier that we see nearly every time we go, let me know that if I could find the $1.00 off coupon
from Malt O Meal, that we could get the cereal for free! So... I went through bunches and bunches
of links and searches online and stuff, finally finding and printing 4 of them.

Got our cereal, went to the check stand, got them all rung up, and I already was all giddy, because
I couldn't believe we were getting 4 bags of cereal (let alone Malt O Meal brand!) for just the cost of tax.
THEN, the cashier says, oh, and did you forget the ad? You guys can pick out 5 of these items, 2 of these items, or 1 of these,
for free! I was like, what?! So she showed me the ad, and sure enough... you buy your cereal, then get $5.00 to buy whichever
group of items you'd like.

Albertsons Ad

I couldn't believe it, I just had to share! Twelve cents! A flippin dime and two pennies!
For FOUR bags of cereal and FIVE 2 liters of pop!


A little update on us...

Life has been a little bit manic here at our household.

Jake had his ACL Reconstructive surgery on the 3rd of September.
It went well, they repaired a small tear in his meniscus as well as the ACL.

I have some pics on the camera, I'll post those soon! He's still in alot of pain
(1 week, 2 days after) and is so ready to be pain-free and able to walk on his own!
Poor guy has a hard time making through the house, up and down the stairs, in and out of cars, etc.

I just recently got done with a 4 day stay at the hospital thanks to Pyelonephritis, due to a kidney stone. It was pretty horrible. I am still in some pain, but feel MUCH better than I did even 2 or 3 days ago! While there, I was also having some contractions, they're still bothering me off and on, but I'm 34 weeks, 6 days and only have 4 weeks to go!
I am currently dilated to 2 (maybe 2+) centimeters and 70% effaced.
Baby's head is nice and low @ -1 station.