Jake & Sydney

Jake & Sydney
Married almost 10 years - Jake is a baker and Sydney is a newborn photographer.

Beckham {8}

Beckham {8}

Holden {6}

Holden {6}

Piper {3}

Piper {3}

Palmer {8.25.14}

Palmer {8.25.14}


This Little Piggy

Best Friends

Beckham and his very best friend, Garret.
They were throwing little rocks and wood chips into the creek @ the park.
They were so dang cute!

My little park monkey....


It's a BOY!

So... we had our ultrasound today! And.... our baby is a BOY!

I must admit, I am kinda bummed, because I was convinced it was going
to be a GIRL, but I am kinda getting used to the idea of him being a boy.

At least Beckham will have a blast with his new baby brother!

Baby is healthy, looks great, growing right on schedule.
She said he looks like he weighs about 10 ounces! That sounds soooo tiny!

Still keeping the same due date (October 19th) because I'm measuring right on!


View of his face

His cute little feet!

Another view of the little man's face

And last, but not least... the goodies!



A digital scrapbook page I made of Beckham and his adventures
in the un-cooked pizza from Papa Murphys.....


David Beckham came to town...

On Saturday, we went to the LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake soccer game @ Rice Eccles Stadium.
Of course, DAVID freaking BECKHAM came into town too! It was AWESOME to be that close
to see such an amazing soccer legend. :) He's hot too, so that's a bonus!
We rode trax up to the stadium, and of course (my) Beckham looooooved the "choo-choo".


Mother's Day

My sweet, sweet husband put together my mothers'
Day present while I was at work today. I begged him to
give it to me today, so he sent Beckham up the stairs carrying it.

First he started with these pictures he and Beckham made:

Then, using the computer & the printer, he made them
into black and white photos and put them into this:

And last but not least, my little man (and daddy!)
proudly showing me what they made for mommy: